Who We Are:


We here at Ausum Sports LLC have been in the sports card world for 25+ years, all the way back to our first card shop “D&H Sports Shop” back in 1993. We took a break to explore other business opportunities but our true passion has been and always will be sportscards! Regardless of our other business’s success we always found ourselves coming back to the card world. Towards the end of 2019, we decided we want to take our years of knowledge and vast connections to build the best eCommerce card store we can.

At Ausum Sports we strive to become a leading online retailer of sports cards by offering the hottest brands at the best price we can. As collectors we know how hard it can be to find a reliable source for all of your collecting needs, that is why we decided to open Ausum Sports, a place for collectors by collectors. We currently offer a large variety of unopened sports boxes and cases. Whether you’re craving that sensation of ripping into a fresh pack or you’re collecting wax packs and boxes, we have you covered! We are certain, that with the help of our outstanding customer service team we are sure your search will begin and end with us!


Have an Ausum day!